Important Steps to Know When Mixing Audio Professionally

As an audio engineer, you may see many important techniques missing from the student mixing sessions. Here are some of the crucial steps that should be kept on the checklist when you are mixing audio or you are teaching your students to mix and master the sound. You may think that these tips can work like magic and will make your sound amazing. They are not actually magic or spell. They will help you to become more efficient and systematic.

Look below for some of the audio engineering tips for mixing the audio that is based on the Pro Tools, but these steps are applied to any DAW version and any genre of music that you are comfortable with. Most of the professional mixing and mastering experts follow these steps for bringing out the best sound when heard.

1.    Name and colour your track-
On the Pro Tools, it is very easy to rename a track by just double click on the name and rename. When the tracks are having the default name, it is very difficult to identify from the lot. You have to open each of the file repeatedly, hear them and confirm. But when you are renaming it, you can easily find the track. Double click on the actual colour of the audio track at the left will open the colour palette, so that you can give the colour as your wish. Having all the sections coloured and coloured will make your session easy to view.

2.    Set group and auxiliary tracks-
When you are setting up the Aux tracks for some specified groups with the help of the mix like the drums, backup vocals, and guitars; you are having more control over them. You can do things like using the EQ or the compress and can affect them all together. Be sure that you are naming all the Busses those routes towards the Auxiliary. Grouping the audio tracks is one of the great ways that help in controlling the multiple tracks at a single time.

3.    Reference track-
It is always better to have a reference track so that you can go back and then listen to in the similar genre so that you can know what you are mixing. At times, the clients may say you that he wants to hear one particular type of music.

These are some of the audio engineering tips, which you should do when you are performing the mixing and mastering services online. If you want to get a better sound of the tracks, better to use the best type of audio mixing instruments.