Everything You Need to Know About DDP Mastering & Benefits

DDP files are user for sending a DVD or CD to the manufacturer. It helps audio engineers to set all the parameters for CD resealing. These parameters include maintaining the same gap between two tracks, crossfader and more. Overall, it is fair to say DDP files allow engineers to control all the guidelines for a CD release.

Previously the story was completely different with CD mastering. The mastering engineers sent the mastered file to the CD manufacturer. They used to glass master from the original CD for creating copies. Many of the engineers and manufacturers still use this technique because it is simple to do. But the approach has disadvantages also. If the main copy (original CD master) contains any error that will be also copied in the manufactured DVDs and CDs as well. That is why most of the professional mixing and mastering engineers prefers DDP mastering. This kind of file format has the ability to prevent any type of errors from taking place in the final product.

On the other hand, many of the manufacturers still accept the audio files in a regular file format such as AIF or WAV. There is nothing wrong with working in such a process if you can manage time to work with the manufacturer for setting up the parameters (gaps between tracks, pause marks, crossfades if any) for CD production. But if you cannot manage time to work together with your manufacturer, then he will use the default setting that may not meet your needs.

How Audio Engineers Create a DDP File:

Creating a DDP file is really easy if they use the proper software for it. Making a DDP mastering is more like authoring the CD. Mastering engineers assemble a group of songs in the software and then set up all the parameters that they want to include in the CD. After finishing the job, the export the original CD master to the manufacturer. There are many professional companies that offer DDP mastering service. Music producers can use their local contacts to find out a professional mastering service provider. But it is always suggested to hire a company that offers mastering music online. There are plenty of benefits of working with an online service provider such as checking the authentic clients’ ratings and reviews online, managing projects easily and more.

Bottom Lines:

In order to avoid any misunderstanding or spending extra penny, it is better to meet the manufacturer to ensure that they accept DDP files. As I already mentioned earlier in this blog, there are few manufacturers who still work on the old techniques. So music producers are always suggested to meet the duplicator (CD Manufacturer) before starting their DDP formatting project. If your manufacturer supports DDP file then always send them a DDP mastered copy for getting the flawless final product. For being in the safe place, always ask first.